Monday, 3 October 2016

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    NNLL - National Network Local Locksmiths

I am always happy to report a new supporter of the No Nationals Campaign.

This one is a directory/organisation again with the sole purpose of advertising local locksmiths and door repair firms with the exclusion of large national competitors and franchises.

The national Network of Local Locksmiths (NNLL) encourages it's members to share work between other members to prevent the national competition grabbing stray customers.

It makes sense really and networking between genuine local locksmiths is definitely on the rise.

Every week I encounter customers that have been let down by other locksmiths with 'broken vans'. These are the national firms struggling to cover the job, either that or they're struggling with a fleet of knackered vans :-D

Anyhow, get your name on the directory it's free to submit:

NOTE: This locksmith site is no longer active and now diverted to