Sunday, 18 December 2016

Merry Christmas | Locksmith Blog

Just a short post to wish you all a merry Christmas. :-)

For those working the Christmas period as emergency locksmiths dudley I'm sure you will have plenty of emergency calls to keep you busy with the usual drunks losing keys and the festive domestics.

I shall be taking a week off to relax and reflect on my plans for 2017, I have a lot of ideas and not enough time to implement it all hehe.

I would be interested in hearing your locksmithing new years resolutions, I think mine will be to brush up on the lock cylinder picking which has slipped over the last year, with the increase in higher security locks cylinders out there now it's going to be a useful skill to have honed in 2017.

Thanks for reading, sharing and liking our pages.


Monday, 3 October 2016

National Network of Local Locksmiths | Locksmith Blog

    NNLL - National Network Local Locksmiths

I am always happy to report a new supporter of the No Nationals Campaign.

This one is a directory/organisation again with the sole purpose of advertising local locksmiths and door repair firms with the exclusion of large national competitors and franchises.

The national Network of Local Locksmiths (NNLL) encourages it's members to share work between other members to prevent the national competition grabbing stray customers.

It makes sense really and networking between genuine local locksmiths is definitely on the rise.

Every week I encounter customers that have been let down by other locksmiths with 'broken vans'. These are the national firms struggling to cover the job, either that or they're struggling with a fleet of knackered vans :-D

Anyhow, get your name on the directory it's free to submit:

NOTE: This locksmith site is no longer active and now diverted to

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Featured Locksmiths | Locksmith Blog

I promised a few local locksmiths recently that I would give them a feature on the blog with their contact information should anyone be searching for a local locksmith. It can be difficult for the public to find a genuine local locksmith firm that they can trust so I am always willing to help improve their web presence even if it's just in a small blog post on the locksmith blog. Customers find our numbers in weird and mysterious ways sometimes and you gotta be in it to win it.

The first feature is of a local locksmith in Southampton, Tim Guille of Interlocks Ltd.
Tim covers the entire area of Hampshire on a 24 hour basis for all locksmith and upvc related work, commercial and domestic for homeowners and local Southampton businesses.

Arvco Locksmiths

Interlock Locksmiths Ltd
74 Chapel Road
West End
Tel: 07887512272

My second feature goes to a new kid on the block Paul Clarke, locksmith in Liverpool trading as Impact Locksmiths. I promised Paul a feature as Liverpool is a seriously competitive area to be advertising in and it can be difficult to be seen amongst all those national franchises and call centres that advertise in Liverpool. Paul is a genuine local locksmith in Liverpool so you know you'll be receiving the best service at the right price when using Impact Locksmiths Liverpool.

Impact Locksmiths

50 Riviera Drive
Tel: 07590208096

Thirdly, an established locksmith in the West Midlands based in Tamworth, Adrian Bryant aka Lockaid 24/7 has made the break away from that notorious nationwide locksmith franchise and gone solo, a good move in my opinion! If you're looking for a genuine local locksmith in Tamworth with plenty of hands on experience and a long list of satisfied customers across Staffordshire then it's really a no brainer, get Adrian on the phone right away!

Lockaid 24/7
59 Briar
Tel: 07909186487

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

High Security Door Locks & Handles | Locksmith Blog

I have been turning up to work at a lot of new build properties that seem to have gone, in my opinion, overboard with their door security. Normally to achieve a TS007 you are required to have either a two star handle combined with a one star cylinder or a standalone three star lock cylinder.

3 star anti snap locks3 star anti snap locksWhat I am actually seeing working as a locksmith in the West Midlands is a lot of homes with three star cylinders which are then combined with the PAS24 two star handles. This is great news when it comes to preventing a lock snapping attack on a upvc door, however from the locksmiths point of view such a setup can be viewed as a worst nightmare during a failed multipoint lock scenario. Luckily for me I have yet to encounter the worst case scenario working as a local locksmith in cannock

This raises the question: Who exactly are we trying to keep out?
I feel such massive improvements in door security are making the locksmiths life much harder than that of the career criminal who will still opt for a brick through a large pane of glass rather than messing around with door locks. Of course it will prevent many an attempted lock snapping burglary but I think that most one star cylinders or a security handle would manage this.

What are your thoughts? Have you encountered the all singing and dancing setup yet? It's only a matter of time and it's going to be a real stinker of a job...

Monday, 29 February 2016

Locksmith Directories | Locksmith Blog

There are so many locksmith directories out there now that it's difficult to know which ones are worth adding your locksmith business to.

Well the answer is simple really: As many free listings as you can.
If a site is insisting you pay to list your locksmith business the general rule of thumb would suggest that it's not worth investing in. If they are really as great as the claim then they would surely offer a free  trial to prove so.

There are a couple of directories aimed at promoting the small local locksmiths that I would recommend that are entirely free. They do offer a paid feature but it's not mandatory like most of the paid locksmith directories.

Firstly: is the original 'No nationals' directory that are lot of people are now trying to re-create. This directory ranks no.1 for the term locksmith directory so is a good way to be found online for customers searching for a directory. All entries are vetted and checked so there are no national and spam firms listed here.

Second one worth mentioning is a similar directory built on the back of a locksmiths site that lists all genuine local door repair firms in the UK. Again the same No National locksmiths ethics apply.

A lot of the magazine publications are also creating online local locksmith directories that you may want to add to, just be warned that they will cold call you and try to get you to subscribe to the magazines in return (which we all get free anyway).

Then there are also a lot of seo and web companies with similar themed locksmith directories all looking for paid entries and making a lot of promises. In my experience these are best avoided if giving the hard sell on the phone. This includes and Thomson local who both offer free listings but will pester you to death with cold calls afterwards.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I'm Back | Locksmith Blog

 Locksmith Blog Return

 Locksmiths Blog | Local Locksmiths | Door Repairs

I have been away fro quite some time now, it has been pretty busy in the locksmithing world and I have had plenty of work to be getting on with so I kind of neglected to update the locksmith blog.

I have also been working on a lot of other sites providing SEO for locksmiths across the country which turned out to be quite time consuming.

Hopefully I will be updating the locksmith blog shortly with some fresh content, new locksmith secrets and latest product reviews.

In the meantime if you are struggling to get your locksmith fix you can check out Rick the locksmith.