Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Locksmiths vs handymen | Locksmith Blog

Iv been the second/third locksmith to be called to a job lately in which a chancer (one of which works for a national locksmith franchise...) has turned up and walked away without even trying to help.

Today for example; a guy had got the wrong key stuck in his deadlock. The first locksmith shrugged and left the customer stuck in his own house without attempting to remove the key.

I took the handle off and forced the curtainwheel around in about 10 seconds...
No damage to the lock and the correct key worked perfectly no need to change the lock.

It seems most are now chasing the easy jobs and can't be bothered to have a crack at the real work which to be honest i find more enjoyable.

I guess its the nitty gritty jobs that separate the real locksmiths from the handymen and will undoubtedly lead to their business failing.

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