Monday, 18 March 2013

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Sidewinder lock tool
opening a thumbturn cylinder
There have been a few new locksmith  tools pop up in the last couple of months, however the tool that I feel deserves a special feature on my Locksmith Blog is the Sidewinder, developed by Outside In lock tools, a small tool manufacturer owned by Simon Barber, a local locksmith in Ipswich.

The sidewinder is basically an add on for the souber letterbox tool that can be fixed to the end and used to manipulate thumbturns, bunches of keys and nightlatches with knobs.

The way in which this tool delivers a direct turning force to the target is the secret to its success and after my first few uses was left smiling with satisfaction at the ease in which it helped me gain entry.

This tool is a MUST HAVE for any warrant locksmith and in fact all locksmiths! Im not quite sure how i ever managed without one.

And it doesn't stop there folks!

Simon has also developed a further attachment which when combined with the Sidewinder can also defeat letterbox guards which are now commonplace on local housing properties.


Rick - Walsall Locksmiths
The new sidewinder attachment is a fantastic tool and already saving me a fortune in carbide drills.
Possibly the greatest tool since the snapper bar.

Mike -
Combined with the rattler tool this is superior to any other letterbox tool to date. Payed for itself in a single job.

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