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Learning to know your customer is something that a locksmith learns from experience.

Admittedly sometimes I may be overly judgemental and I probably turn down ten locksmith jobs a month where I make the descision that this particular customer may either cause a problem, not have the money to pay or I just feel wasn't very polite on the phone.

I have been out countless times in the past to customers locked out who then argue the toss over price once the door is open and when working alone this can be an intimidating experience.

The concern became so great that I eventually stopped attending jobs that I deemed to be too risky for me to waste my time on, however with locksmith work falling thin on some weeks you occassionally have to take that gamble.

One job in particular that stands out in the back of my mind is when a gang of youths showed up wanting  me to open an apartment door they didn't own or have any paperwork to show me.
I didn't particularly fancy getting my head kicked in that evening, nor did I want to be aiding a burglary so sat there for 5 minutes pretending to pick open a lock before claiming it was a high security lock and I couldn't do it.

They weren't happy but I left with a clear conscience in an undamaged head :-)

So i may be discriminating against people that sound too shady over the phone or feel are at risk of pulling a fast one but one thing is for sure i trust my intuition nowadays avoiding late night calls from drugged up teens and gangster types that can't speak proper English.

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