Tuesday, 26 November 2013

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An SEO company for Locksmiths
This month I thought I would post a review for the company working on my two websites.

Rick who built the sites over a year ago has been working as a locksmith for over five years and also with Websites and Search engine optimisation in the past.

Using various methods which may as well be black magic for all I know and a boost via social media and blogging, the websites have grown to be quite profitable and rank extremely well in the search engine reports for all my key terms, in fact one of which hasn't left top spot since it got up there!

Until recently this was more of a thing he did for fellow friendly locksmiths but has now decided to make it more official by offering his services to the locksmith population.

Ricks passion was born from a hatred of national locksmith chains and franchises polluting the internet that could afford to pay SEO experts large amounts and brute force their adverts to the top of Google pages.

Although Google works hard to prevent spam, particularly in the 'locksmiths' category, there is still a load that slips through

As for the cost of this fabulous SEO service I have found it to be very competitive and a lot cheaper than hiring an established SEO professional that probably wouldn't understand the industry as well anyway.

When compared to a package I took from Yellow Pages/Hibu last year the return on investment is substantially higher than I got with Yell, a massive company by comparison.

So if you are a novice when it comes to building a website or getting it found online I would urge you to contact Rick immediately to discuss your requirements! He is limiting his websites to strictly one locksmith company per geographical location (each site will contain 3 pages/locations).

Its simply an opportunity not to be missed!

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