Wednesday, 8 January 2014

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Broken Multipoint Locks

Locksmith Tips and Tricks

Back by popular demand once again is five locksmiths tips and tricks.

I have had loads of emails asking when the next locksmith tricks would be added.

So Here you are, Five random tricks that may (or may not) help you out one day.

1> GU Mechanism Failure

The older GU mechanisms are prone to a failure by where the cast gear explodes out the back of the gearbox. (As in the gold mech in the image). If the door is jammed shut all that is required to open it is to apply a reasonable force downwards on the handle. Remember to physically unlock with key first though. A good locksmith will always have  a GU on the van, it is one of the most common out there!

2> Cutting Inner Steel Frames

When fitting a different multipoint lock that requires new keeps to be cut you will sometimes encounter an internal metal frame inside that is going to foul the hooks or shoot bolts and prevent the mech locking. I have found the best way to cut this metalwork is to hammer the edge of it with a sharp screwdriver or old chisel, splitting it. Do this at the top and bottom section of the area you need to remove and then fold inwards using a similar technique.

3> Adjusting Flag Hinges

Remove any cover caps and mark around the hinges with a pencil.
Starting with the top hinge wind each a few turns one at a time to pull the top of the door inwards and sometimes the bottom hinge outwards slightly. You will see the direction of the movement using the pencil lines as a guide. Test after each adjustment and fine tune to improve lock meshing.
If in doubt return all hinges back to pencil marks and try again.

4> Locksmith Training

Want to further your locksmith knowledge or learn how to pick locks like an expert?
There's only one man for the job. Jay at Island locks - Locksmith Training

5> Guest Posting Online

Guest posting is now an important part of how we should be advertising as locksmiths. A lot of my customers find me through investigating a problem themselves online and then reading a post I have made about it. Of course all your contact details are in the article and when recognised as an expert I get a call asking me to go and attend and help.
I recently travelled across the country to unlock some Cyberlocks for a company that had read an article of mine online. It was a good earner and well worth the trip!


Thanks to Rob at Arvco Locksmiths at for some of that valuable content.